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The romantic village of Todtmoos is in the heart of the southern Black Forest region, about 50 km from the German town of Freiburg and the Swiss town of Basel. Todtmoos enjoys a mild climate, is well known as a health resort and offers special walks for systematically revitalizing the cardiac and circulatory system under medical supervision. The Kurmittelhaus also offers several other health treatments. Todtmoos has many sightseeing attractions: a baroque pilgrimage church overlooking the centre of the village; a local history museum housed in a 250-year-old Black Forest building and a mine that opened for guided tours in 2000.

The Hochkopf Tower, which affords wonderful views to the French Alps, is an ideal goal for walkers. There are many theme trails: a herb trail; a birdsong trail; a nature trail with information on Black Forest flora and fauna and guided hikes with a forestry expert. The Aqua-Treff open-air pool, with playground, stream and barbecue spots is a summer favourite. The wide range of sport includes a spectacular rope park. A variety of winter sports are also available and the Dogsled World Championships have been held here since 1975. And those seeking leisure laced with fine cuisine in friendly Black Forest eateries need look no further…

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