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The town of Schluchsee, in the southern region of the Black Forest, has a lively centre with cafes, boutiques, quiet corners, art work, history, culture and great cuisine. Schluchsee offers around 4000 beds in hotels from tourist to four-star class, guesthouses and holiday apartments. If you prefer sleeping under canvas, then check out the Wolfsgrund camp site at the lakeside.

The Schluchsee lake (pictures), some 7.5 km long, average width around 800 metres is the Black Forest's water-sport centre. The highlight here is the AQUA-FUN heated outdoor pool at the lakeside. Sailing, windsurfing and diving fans will also be in their element. The area is not only ideal for water sports: the beautiful natural surroundings are also perfect for biking (300 km of trails), hiking (160 km of paths), Nordic walking (32 km of trails) or simply relaxing.

Attractions are rounded off by programmes for families and children and an extensive events programme. The area around the Schluchsee lake is so green, with woodland and meadows reaching to the shores, it is almost impossible to imagine that the lake is man-made. The original lake was only about 3 km long, fed by the Schwarza mountain stream. Between 1929 and 1932, a 63.5-metre-high dam was constructed in the south of the Schwartatal valley, with the result that the river swelled to a 1.2 km width over a length of 8 km, creating the Schluchsee lake. Today the Schluchsee has a surface area of almost 5.20 km2 and is the largest lake in the Black Forest.

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Schluchsee village schluchsee-219.jpg schluchsee-222.jpg  lake picture
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