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As its full name implies, Frankfurt is located on the River Main, one of the most important tributaries of the Rhine. The city is an international financial and services centre and thanks to its central location, outstanding infrastructure and one of Europe’s largest airports, has a concentration of top, forward-looking companies ranging from small high-tech firms to major industrial groups. As the home of the European Central Bank, Frankfurt is of considerable importance in relation to monetary and currency policy. Frankfurt is also home to the Deutsche Boerse, ranked by Ernst & Young as the No.1 European stock exchange. In short, Frankfurt is one of Europe’s leading cities and with its high-rise architecture, is reputed to have Germany’s most imposing skyline.

But this city is not just all bustle and business. You’ll find cosy pubs and many historical sights, including the Kaiserdom (Cathedral) and Paulkirche (St. Paul’s Church) as well as many museums on the banks of the Main. And the city is surprisingly green. The Main also offers the option of a short river cruise or a cruise to other interesting places on both the Main and Rhine, such as Seligenstadt, Aschaffenburg, Mainz, Eltville and R�desheim.

A complex city like Frankfurt has to be managed and for over six centuries, the municipal leaders have directed the city’s fortunes and fate from the patrician houses on the R�merberg with their views of St. Paul’s Church. The R�mer buildings, bought from a merchant by the city council in 1405, are the venue for council meetings and also where many official offices are located. Frankfurt’s town hall suffered considerable damage during World War II and reopened in 1955 after reconstruction work. The famous three-gabled fa�ade however was not restored to its former glory until 1975, with further renovations following in 2004. Undoubtedly the most famous landmark is the R�mer balcony from which many a famous hand has waved to cheering crowds.

Two other famous names must also be mentioned, although culturally they are poles apart: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Frankfurt’s most famous son, and the Frankfurter sausage.

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